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I am an 80 year old actor, playing age 65+, and have been working in the theatre for most of my life.

In essence, my professional life so far has had four phases and I am in the fifth.

The first related to the work of Rudolf Laban, dancing, teaching and choreographing for my small touring company.
The second was at Hull University in the new, totally inspiring Department of Drama working with exceptional Colleagues and Students who taught me as much as I taught them.
The third was at London Contemporary Dance Trust where I worked mainly as Assistant to Jane Dudley, one of the "Greats" of American Dance Theatre.
Phase four pulled these strands together when I was invited to go to Germany to work as Rehearsal Director for Reinhold Hoffmann's "TanzTheater" in the Schauspielhaus Bochum. After a year I also had work at the Folkwanghochschule, the feeder school for Pina Bausch "Tanztheater Wuppertal" and a couple of years later I was invited to stage a Dance Theatre Project over 2 years in a wonderful early 20th Century Industrial Building, the Jahrhunderthalle, Bochum. I also through my Colleagues at Kulturhaus Thealozzi began my acting career.

The present phase was not intended, but like all accidents has brought excitement and opportunity. I had a serious problem with my sight and the recommended treatment was in London, also I was 65 - so I came back to London
After a couple of years with my sight much improved I had my real break in Film as I was offered the role of the mother in Tom Six' cult classic "Human Centipede 2" (See additional info for review)
Since then I have had a rich Career in Film, on Stage and in T.V.(see credits)
I am proud to say that over the past 18 months I have had a role in English National Opera's "The Force of Destiny" directed by Calixto Bieito, which shared an Olivier Award., also a small part in a BBC 4 Comedy Series which will shortly be broadcast,a part in as yet unreleased "The Last Jedi", a part in a new Disney film and coming full circle the  lead role in a short film for a German Company, (see Additional info). More is in the future and I will keep you informed.

Additional information


Having now, 2017, an established career in film, I am excited to report that a short commercial film "Herz Sprung" directed by Laurent Chanez for Opel De (Tempomedia GmbH) and streamed on Youtube has had over 3 Million views since it was released a year ago.(April 28th)


My small role in Starwars 8 "The Last Jedi" can be seen in the Canto Bight Casino Scene and filming is now completed in "Christopher Robin" directed by Marc Forster for Disney, which will be released in June 2018

Review for Human Centipede 2 2012

Bridson also gives a terrifying performance as Martin's mother. Her contempt and disregard for him is perhaps more disturbing than anything else in the film, and is a clear indication of why Martin's sanity took a rain check. (subtitleonline Amy Labaddia)
The humour of the first film isn't entirely absent here, lodged mainly in the early scenes between Martin and his overbearing mother. She blames him for the abuse he suffered at the hands of his dad ('it's your fault your father's in prison!') and their scenes together -- nightmarish kitchen sink sequences set in a dingy London flat -- are blackly hilarious. www.ultraculture.co.uk

April 6th 2017 - Medical Roleplay UK

We had a fantastic day yesterday with Vivien who exceeded our expectations and we achieved everything we wanted. Vivien was so helpful and created a really believable and rounded character. She was also very patient with our amateur film making skills and guided us in creating some great footage. Our students will love getting to know our lady Violet Smith over the course of their programme. We are hoping to bring Vivien back to do some more work with us. Thank you so much for recommending her to us.


April 2017

I continue to run a weekly Sunday Workshop at The Place, 16 Flaxman Terrace which involves both dance/acting technique and improvisation and have been running this since I returned from Germany in 2002. (Studio 1 at 12.00.p.m.) This class is open to all with  professional experience.