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3rd November Review of my performance in Tom Six Human Centipede 2 the full sequence

Bridson also gives a terrifying performance as Martin's mother. Her contempt and disregard for him is perhaps more disturbing than anything else in the film, and is a clear indication of why Martin's sanity took a rain check.

(subtitleonline Amy Labaddia)

The humour of the first film isn't entirely absent here, lodged mainly in the early scenes between Martin and his overbearing mother. She blames him for the abuse he suffered at the hands of his dad ('it's your fault your father's in prison!') and their scenes together -- nightmarish kitchen sink sequences set in a dingy London flat -- are blackly hilarious.


I love work in film and television but like live theatre just as much. At present have just done something new, which at 77 is not bad!! I have completed a stills shoot for a prestigious fashion magazine which has a 21 page feature on designer clothes for older women and I am hoping that I will be involved in a performance project which I am being considered for. I run a weekly Sunday Workshop at The Place, 16 Flaxman Terrace which involves both technique and improvisation and have been running this since I returned from Germany in 2002.It starts again on September 7th 2014 at 12.00 in Studio 6, all welcome.

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After working at London Contemporary Dance School from 1979 - 1988 I went to Germany where I worked for 2 years as Assistant and Rehearsal Director for Tanztheater Reinhild Hoffmann at the Schauspielhaus Bochum. I also taught at the Folkwanghochschule which is the school associated with the Dance Theatre of Wuppertal, (Pina Bausch) and continued to work there until 2002. I started to act seriously myself in 1997,until then as a performer, I was mainly engaged as a dancer, choreographer or director.